KylieTM, New Zealand's trusted absorbent washable bedding product range, has been helping  New Zealanders manage incontinence with confidence and comfort for many years. A lot of care and attention goes into ensuring the KylieTM washable bedding protection range continues to live up to its well-earned reputation among healthcare professionals.

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The KylieTM Waterproof Bedding Protection range has been developed using a soft, durable waterproof material that’s specifically treated with an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent to prevent odours and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

This washable bed pad provides comfort and protection. Suitable for home use and in aged care and hospital environments.

  • Non Fitted Draw Sheet - Single


Bedding Protection

The KylieTM Ultra Absorbent Bedding Protection range is durable, waterproof, washable and manufactured to the highest quality using the most advanced technology. The soft, quilted surface allows fluid to more easily pass through to the revolutionary fibre construction, which has been developed for superior bed protection. The durable layers of the bedding range guarantee a long lasting, easy maintenance product.

You’ll always feel secure, dry and most important of all, comfortable so you can sleep with confidence. Ideal for Bed Use.

2 variations: 

  • Non-slip waterproof backing with tuck ins 1m x 1m / 2500ml absorbency
  • Standard waterproof backing 71 x 91cm / 2000ml absorbency

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