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Who is at risk of Incontinence

Who is at risk of Incontinence

Authored By David Wilson

Women are twice as likely to run the risk of suffering from incontinence as men due to their anatomical characteristics, pregnancy, and menopause.

  • Women who have undergone gynaecological surgery, such as a uterus ablation, are more at risk. Any surgical operation in the pelvic region runs the risk of damaging the urinary system’s muscles and nerves.
  • The elderly run the risk of gradually becoming incontinent if their bladder muscles lose their tone. In addition to this, there is the fact that they are more and more exposed to neurological disorders.
  • Men suffering from prostate troubles.
  • People with a bladder stone or suffering from bladder descent.
  • People with frequent urinary infections.
  • People suffering from a neurological disorder which afflicts the nerves controlling the bladder, or which limits mobility: Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, peripheral diabetic neuropathy, an injury to the spinal marrow, a cerebrovascular accident, etc.

For more infomation about the Types of incontinence and Causes of Incontinence.

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